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Welcome to Paola's Cucina

At Paola's Cucina, we specialize in bringing you the authentic taste of Old School, Classic Italian cuisine. Our dishes are crafted with a combination of passion and tradition, passed down through generations. We believe in keeping things original and not flashy, and our food speaks for itself. Join us for a meal and we promise to take you back to those delicious memories of home cooked Italian food.


About Us

Come Share A Meal With Us!

I grew up in a small town in Italy with seven siblings, we never had much, but we always made the best of what we did have. I remember watching my mother make her home-made bread in her makeshift brick oven, which often broke and she would always say that one day she was going to have her own professional brick oven.  I used to love waking up early every morning before school to help my mother make the dough for our bread, so by the time I would come home from school, it would be ready for us to deliver it to our neighbors. It was then, at 8 years old, that I realized my love and passion for cooking and serving others, and my passion continues to burn brighter to this day.

When my family immigrated to America, we set up our first pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY, where we remained for four years. We then began to explore other cities and states to learn and grow our business, such as Warren Ohio, Western PA, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  We finally found our forever home in the beautiful family town of Wayne, PA and opened Bravo Pizza in 1997. After all our years of hard work and sacrifice, I was able to purchase the Pizzeria, renovate it, and call it my own. I honestly say I am living the American dream! Here’s to my mother!


Boun Appetito!

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